Run For Chesse (Transformice Celular) to the first Transformice mobile game by Atelier 801!

What is Run For Cheese?
Run For Cheese is a first mobile game in the world of transformice!

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  • App Store : Coming Soon!

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Welcome to the first Transformice mobile game!
Atelier 801 is proud to present its first Transformice game for mobiles and tablets! Get as much cheese as possible in this endless runner, and save all the mice you can! Run always farther!

You are the almighty shaman mouse! Gather as much cheese as possible to feed the starving mice.

Jump from one platform to another, avoid the mortal traps and enemies, and go even farther to get more cheese!

Incredible powers!

You can become invincible, trigger a cheese magnet, or even jump infinitely!

Grab the power-ups to unleash your almighty Shaman powers!
Get all the achievements!
Be the best and marvel at the results with the achievements board! Unlock them all!

Numerous game modes!

Flying, greedy, diabolic mouse and more mouse abilities to discover in all the insane game modes available!

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onde baxa

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pesquisem no gGoogle play ou Play store Run for cheese

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